What can you gain from our services?

YOU SAVE: Time, Effort and Money plus Less-hassle and Less-headache.

What do we do?

We do the researching, contacting and negotiating process in your behalf.

How do we do it?

Our team discuss based on the information you provided in the box. After evaluating the researches, once we identify the hotels and venues that match with your criteria, we negotiate rates and terms. We contact you to propose the options and let you decide for the arrangement that made by the team for your hotel. It is always you who choose before we finalize to process it with the supplier for confirmation. Since it is you still the one who decide for it, once a property is chosen by you, we request the contract from the hotel and perform an initial review to ensure it states what has been agreed to in the negotiation and assist the contracting process. We call you seven (7) days before the date of your booked event for a follow-up confirmation in order to avoid the penalty in case of unexpected changes that could lead to cancellation.

Who are we?

We are individuals who experienced the needs of a time-saver, less efforts and less expenses way of acquiring the venue for the meeting or simple gathering. Browsing in internet is easy to find affordable hotel and venues for meetings, but there are cases that what we see in the website is not the same at all in the actual. Asides of that, it takes time to do research as it requires few things to be considered. So, we came up to start this kind of ideas focused on offering services that help to lessen your work load, less headache and lighten your responsibilities.

Our Team

Our team is composed of motivated members and selected without the discrimination whether well-experienced or just building experience, with established reputation or just building a reputation as long as the characters, the willingness to be equipped by any collective knowledge and the determination are the best strength. Though the member selection has no restriction of expertise, but the collective desires to work together as one and to carry out the commitment accordingly in complying each task in order to achieve the best possible result in behalf of our clients’ satisfaction is the first concern.

But, why should you try us?

  • Site selection is a newly introduced concept in Phils. and a Filipino based company

  • Trying is always the first step to know the quality  and reliability of each offered products and services

  • We let you experience and give you an option whether the site selection is a good opportunity for you or you prefer to handle things of your own

  • We try our best to render our services with satisfactory result